Insurance Services

A lot of services that we provide help make your insurance water-tight and reassuring. While this is an overview, we can customise and create the following to your advantage.  Call us or write to us and handpick any of the services we offer

Risk Consultancy

If you are looking for solutions beyond what traditional insurance companies offer, our risk-consulting specialists have the skills and experience to offer the appropriate solution.

Our risk engineers drawn from various engineering disciplines, know the types of packages and structures on offer, and from whom, and at what price.

They then put your requirement on to the placing team for a quick underwriting of the risk.

Policy Audit

By definition policy audit is the audit of the exposure basis for an insurance policy after the end of a policy period to determine the actual (audited) exposure for the purpose of making a final calculation of the premium and premium taxes.

Our experienced team gets down to finding the most effective coverage for the right price that will help safeguard your business.

Risk Modelling

Risk is a (quantifiable) probability of loss given an event occurring. The team employs multiple methods of computing the risk – factoring the risk vs. peril vs. hazard scores to arrive at the appropriate model to help identify the correct insurable amount. The team understands relationships between events, consequences and outcomes, assesses the likelihood and impact of possible outcomes, develops risk mitigation and response strategies so that quantification of risk or a model is prepared.

Valuation Services

Deriving the proper sum insured is the next most important step to take. This is possible only if the assets are correctly valued.

Government Approved valuers in our team pore over all the assets, arrive at the correct valuation and optimum value, so you benefit dually: by paying the correct premium, and also, if required, get a fair settlement of your claim for assets lost or destroyed.

Risk Inspection

The third leg in the services on offer is also important. We inspect and assess the risks, generate detailed reports that will allow you to rate your assets, give you the confidence to offer competitive premium rates, help you settle claims faster, give your advisors the flexibility to suggest ways to reduce premium outgo through deductibles, allow inspectors to suggest loss reduction and loss control methods, highlight the high-risk areas and/or processes in your workplaces, and, get your facilities and workplaces inspected by our team

Claims Consulting

Lastly, in an inadvertent case of a claim arising due to any reason, getting a quick settlement that is fair is important for any business owner.

Our experienced and skilled claims team have the ability to move fast to cover end to end processes of making the claim, up to limits prescribed by IRDA or more after getting requisite approvals. The team will help you manage the claims process by assessing the loss, navigating the paperwork, negotiating the settlement and avoiding potential disputes. So your business is back on its feet as soon as possible.