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LatAm Brokers is a (re)insurance intermediary based in Ras Al-Khaimah, UAE. We provide consultancy in risk management and reinsurance solutions to our clients.

At LatAm Brokers, we make insurance intermediation with a difference. The company firmly believes in delivering more than just conventional services to its clients. It believes in delivering value proposition. LatAm Brokers hass a rich blend of youth and experience to ensure that our clients get the dynamism and expertise that they deserve.

In Direct Insurance Intermediation we work with insurers and clients to ensure total risk management consultancy solutions that go beyond just the policy document. Towards this the company offers several value-added services including assistance in Risk Mapping, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation, Risk Response and Claim Documentation.

In Reinsurance Intermediation, we help our clients analyse their portfolios, to optimize Risk/Retention ratios and quick and efficient account processing and handling.